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We are your trusted resource and dedicated partner in developing, implementing and managing all your human resource needs so you are free to focus on

your mission,
your vision, your passion.

Jill C. Williams, dba HR BizPartners (HRB) is committed to being your partner in the evolution of your organization, helping you navigate through your business cycles in the best possible manner.  Planning for change and taking proactive steps is essential for stability and growth and HRB offers expertise in a wide range of human resources and organizational development services.  I partner with your leadership in human resources, finance, IT, sales, marketing, business development...all your key business areas to provide insights and solution-driven expertise to help you thrive. 

I provide 1:1 consultative services in HR for new or established organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors.  Key Programs Include:

  • HRDev:  For start-up and established organizations; provide solid/compliant HR infrastructure development and work with your organization to enhance HR products and services. 
  • InSource: Provides scaled HR services for all organizations.  Receive a customized package of services that match your needs and budget.
  • HRFit:  Work with your Health & Wellness departments or HR leadership to establish programs that will target your workforce who are 50+ to enhance fitness and productivity!

I understand and will join with you to make the best use of all your resources; financial, technical and your most valuable - human resources! 

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